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Bloom Ooze 2.5 Liter- Bloom Advanced Floriculture

Bloom Ooze 2.5 Liter- Bloom Advanced Floriculture

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You know it by the distinct Yellow Bottles. Agricultural Organics out of Australia has created one of the most popular boutique nutrient lines on the market today. Bloom Yellow Bottle Nutrients offers a complete line of nutrients and additives that will make any garden explode with high yields and happy plants.

Bloom Ooze is without a doubt the most popular product out of the line because it explodes terpenoid production through natural bio-stimulants. Using cutting edge technology that has been developed through years and years of research by the Bloom team, Bloom Ooze was created to promote flower and oil development like never before. Bloom Ooze is one of the most loved plant nutrients used by growers all over the world. Send your terpenoid numbers through the roof with Bloom Ooze! 

  • Will increase flower size, flower width, flower weight and stimulates essential oil production
  • Stimulates secondary metabolites which aid in the production of terpenoids and polyphenolic compounds
  • The flavor of produce will have an extremely sweet aroma and the oil production will impress connoisseurs
  • The phosphorus and potassium natural minerals are extracted from plants and ancient sea beds

With Bloom Yellow Bottles, you don't need to reduce your fertilizer application when using the products. Bloom Yellow Bottles can be used in any growing medium, indoors or outdoors, with any growing method.

Bloom Ooze Ingredients
Various natural plant extracts, natural minerals, fulvic acid, amino acids and vitamins.

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