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Grower's Choice ROI-E680S Horticulture LED Grow Light System

Grower's Choice ROI-E680S Horticulture LED Grow Light System

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Continuing its renowned heritage of proven harvests with optimal light distributing, greater heat management for higher performance, and an upgraded conformal coating resulting in a greater resilience of chemical contaminants. The fixture has been reengineered with enhanced controller capabilities, a balanced slimmer profile, and upgraded internal components to enhance performance to the limit. True to its legacy, the ROI-E680S continues to lead the industry in cultivation technology.


Balanced Spectrum, incorporating Growers Choice famous 3K CMH Full Phase Spectrum for superior growing power with best possible LED diodes available.

This fixture provides you with total control over everything. Onboard dimming functionality allows growers to set the ideal intensity at any stage of plant growth for optimal photosynthesis activation. Also it is compatible with most lighting controllers, including Growers Choice Master Lighting Controller


  • ROI-E680S LED System
  • 9' Connecting Cable
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  • Carabiner Cables
  • Metal Hangers
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