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FloraMax Growth-XS - Accelerates Vegetative Growth

FloraMax Growth-XS - Accelerates Vegetative Growth

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FloraMax Growth-XS
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Accelerates Vegetative Growth

• Helps reduce veg phase by 1-3 weeks so that plants can be “flipped” sooner. This provides valuable savings in running costs and permits more crop cycles per annum.

• Helps prevent transplant and transition shock.

• Helps revive stalled vegetative growth.

• Will not cause internodal stretch when used as directed.

• pH neutral formulation. Does NOT induce foul residues, foaming or odors in the reservoir, nor cause blockages to drippers and filters

• Dosage: Use for 7-days (maximum) in week 2 or 3 of vegetative phase. Dose at 0.5-1ml/L (2-4ml/Gal). 


Revolutionary Organic Compounds Over half of the FloraMax additives contain organics, but as analytical chemists, we have been able to isolate specific ‘beneficial’ organic molecules and incorporate them into our additives in a direct, purified, and potent form. This enables their concentrations to be optimized for maximum nutrient effect with no negative side-effects. The result is a range of products that produce unique and tangible results without reservoir foaming, build-ups, odors or blockages.

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