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FloraMax Silica (Monosilicic Acid for hydroponic plants)

FloraMax Silica (Monosilicic Acid for hydroponic plants)

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FloraMax Silica
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Monosilicic Acid for hydroponic plants

FLORAMAX SILICA contains 16% silica present as Mono-silicic Acid ("MSA") and Meta-silicic Acid ("MTSA")* .  Both of these compounds are bio-available forms of silica and are completely soluble in nutrient solutions. This yields several benefits for hydroponic growers:

• Improves the rigidity of stems and leaves.
• Helps prevent leaf wilt during extreme heat.
• Increases weight, potency and shelf-life of fruit.
• FLORAMAX SILICA is highly concentrated  and readily
absorbed by plants (Monosilicic Acid & Metasilicic Acid).
• FLORAMAX SILICA is highly stable - shelf-life exceeds 20
years (testing origins predate 1998).

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