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FloraMax Flowering Enhancer 3-in-1 Additive

FloraMax Flowering Enhancer 3-in-1 Additive

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Flowering Enhancer
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3-in-1 additive: 1. PK additive. 2. Cal-Mag-Iron additive. 3. pH stabilizer

• Promotes strong and healthy floral blooms: Flowering Enhancer contains a carefully balanced combination of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). This provides the necessary base levels of “PK” for the flowering phase of plant growth. PK is essential for promoting large and vigorous floral blooms.

• Replaces Cal-Mag-Iron additives and prevents common growth deficiencies: Flowering Enhancer contains high levels of calcium, magnesium (0.4%) and iron chelate (aka “cal-mag-iron”). This simplifies growing by preventing the need for a standalone “cal-mag” additive – EVEN when using RO, rain water or coco as a growing medium. Cal-Mag-Iron helps prevent common deficiency symptoms such as leaf yellowing / chlorosis, leaf curl, stunted growth and withered fruit-set.

• Strengthens plant structure during heavy fruiting stages: The combination of calcium and magnesium will help strengthen the plant structure during late bloom when plants may have to bear the weight of heavy fruit and will assist plants in their capacity to utilize phosphorus. Research indicates that Phosphorous can increase the dry weight at harvest.

• Prevents the need for pH maintenance: Flowering Enhancer improves the working nutrient’s pH buffering capacity by over 500%. This helps lock pH below 6.5 and stabilizes the working nutrient solution to help prevent pH-related deficiency symptoms, even when hard water or alkaline additives are used. For soil and coco, pH adjustment is rarely needed. For recirculating systems, growers will require about FIVE times ‘less’ pH Down than normal.

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