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FOHSE Aries 640w LED Grow Light

FOHSE Aries 640w LED Grow Light

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The Aries by Fohse

640W Home Garden LED Grow Light 

The A3i model is the most powerful and efficient commercial LED grow light the world has ever seen... now re-imagined for the home grow as The Aries. The demand among the home grow community for Fohse fixtures has been tremendous.  FOHSE offers a powerful and efficient solution to all those who grow on their own.

Unprecedented Canopy Penetration
Early generation LED lamps failed the industry due to low output + poor canopy penetration. The secret of the Aries' success starts with abundant PAR focused onto your canopy by polycarbonate focal lenses. Next, the Aries LED grow light delpoys an advantage you won't find anywhere else—swiveling light bars to achieve maximum canopy penetration by cross illumination to neighboring grow plots.

Never Buy Another Bulb Again
Let’s be honest - bulb-style grow lights are a hazard. Burns, waste, breakage ... why subject your passion for growing to these hazards when a better option like the Aries is available? Buy right, buy once.

Make A Friend Out of Heat
Unlike obsolete plasma burning grow lights the Aries has no ‘Infrared Spike’ in its spectrum, meaning drastically less heat radiating down on and damaging your canopy.

Dustproof. Watertight.
Your grow environment isn’t the friendliest place for sensitive electronics. That’s why the Aries can withstand the intense conditions of your grow. It’s impervious to hitchikers (dust, mites, aphids, spores). It can even withstand full submersion in 1 meter of water.

A Full Cycle Fixture FOHSE LED designed the Aries with three distinct spectral modes to suit each stage of your crop’s growth cycle from vegetative, to early flower, and finishing with late flower.



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