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TrolMaster Program Device Station(DSP-1 Aqua-X)

TrolMaster Program Device Station(DSP-1 Aqua-X)

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Max one linked Master Pump for 24V control

The TrolMaster DSP-1 program device module (timer module) works like a multi-function irrigation timer. The timers for the DSP-1 can be set to activate at specific times of the day or night, as well as configured to function as a recycling timer with or without a maximum number of cycles setting. The DSP-1 can also be used as a “master pump” controller on the Aqua-x. A master pump would be plugged into the DSP-1. When connected to the Aqua-x 24vac module, the DSP-1 will automatically turn on the pump when any of the 24vac irrigation zones are activated.

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