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Quest 225 Pint High-Efficiency Dehumidifier, 220-240 Volt

Quest 225 Pint High-Efficiency Dehumidifier, 220-240 Volt

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The New Quest 225 208-230V dehumidifier boasts Quest’s energy-efficient M-CoRR Technology, digital controls with terminal block for optional external controls, and the Quest-signature integrated lift and hang points that were introduced with the Quest 335. As its name suggests, this new and improved Quest 225 also features a flexible voltage range for more installation options.

Capacity: 225 Pints / Day
Efficiency: 8.2 Pints / kWh
Supply Voltage: 208-230V, 60 Hz
Current Draw: 5.3 Amps

The new Quest 225, utilizing our unique, patented refrigeration system, M-CoRR, recycles excess heat to provide the highest energy efficiencies available on the market, while reducing heat (BTUs) output into your space. Less heat in your space results in less A/C run time, cutting additional operational costs. Rest assured, this high-efficiency unit meets California Title 24 requirements for both ducted (“whole-home”) and non-ducted (“portable”) installations.


Along with its unmatched efficiency, this new model exhibits exceptional MERV-13 air filtration without weakening the machine’s performance like other options on the market. MERV-13 air filtration (20% more effective than MERV-11) keeps your air safer and healthier while helping to prevent product loss from mold, mildew, viruses, and other airborne particulates.

The Quest 225 208-230V dehumidifier is proudly engineered and assembled in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, and is backed by a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.


Why should you opt for a Quest Dehumidifier?

  • They are market leaders in energy efficiency
  • Offer high-quality, high-capacity dehumidifiers coupled with top-notch air filtration
  • Provide an extensive range of humidity control products
  • Backed by excellent U.S. technical support and customer service
  • Every Quest product comes with a comprehensive warranty
  • Uses unique, patented technology, crafted in Madison, Wisconsin

What is the Functionality of Quest's M-CoRR Technology?

Conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers use a single refrigerant-filled evaporator coil that cools the incoming air to draw out the moisture (as cold air can hold less water). When the air is cooled below its dew point, condensation occurs. The energy absorbed in the refrigerant during this moisture removal process is then returned to the air as heat via the second coil, known as the condenser.

The brilliance of Quest’s M-CoRR Technology lies in its multi-coil system. Quest has reimagined the standard evaporator coil into three distinct refrigerant-filled coils: the pre-evaporator, evaporator, and recovery coil.

The initial coil, the pre-evaporator, serves to cool down the air. The subsequent coil, the evaporator, further cools the air to extract the water. The final coil, the recovery coil, captures the energy from the initial cooling of the air, recycling it back into the evaporator for reuse.



Delivering the Ultimate in Energy-Efficient Dehumidification. The key to Quest's exceptional energy-efficiency lies in our patented multi-coil configuration, fondly referred to as M-CoRR (an acronym for Multi-Coil Refrigeration Recovery). This unique technology is exclusive to Quest.

M-CoRR is designed for optimal performance, positioning Quest as the most energy-efficient choice and offering the best return on your investment. The device pays for itself over time through energy savings. M-CoRR's revolutionary design excels across a broader range of dew points, even in colder temperatures, and it sustains capacity irrespective of changes in airflow.


What Advantages Does M-CoRR Offer?

  • Superior Efficiency and Reduced Energy Consumption

M-CoRR technology offers the highest efficiency, translating to lower electricity usage for each pint of water removed. It is unrivaled in extracting more water from the air per kilowatt-hour than any other dehumidification technology.

  • Minimal Heat Emission

Inefficiency often results in heat. The energy required to operate the fan and compressor in your dehumidifier transforms into heat, which can warm up your room. The less energy your dehumidifier uses, the less heat it releases. Quest dehumidifiers equipped with M-CoRR technology are the world's most efficient, meaning they contribute less heat to your surroundings.

  • Increased Capacity within a Compact Design

Recognizing that space is a premium, dehumidifiers powered by M-CoRR are designed to be more compact. On average, this technology is over 20% smaller than traditional LGR dehumidification technology of equivalent capacity.

  • Broad Operating Range and Precise Control

Owing to its multiple coils, M-CoRR technology enables Quest to maintain superior performance compared to traditional dehumidification equipment. This includes better operation in cooler temperatures and dew points, and less frequent, quicker defrost cycles. Spending less time in defrost mode prevents sudden changes in temperature and relative humidity, providing a stable environment and, for indoor cultivations, optimal vapor pressure deficit (VPD).

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