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Quest HI-E DRY 195 Portable Series Dehumidifier - 120V - 195 Pints/Day - MERV 11 Filtration

Quest HI-E DRY 195 Portable Series Dehumidifier - 120V - 195 Pints/Day - MERV 11 Filtration

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Quest HI-E Dry dehumidifiers can be used standalone or in ducted installations.

The Hi-E DRY 120 and 195 Dehumidifiers deliver versatility and economy in one package.

Please note that the Quest Hi-E Dry does not come with communication wires and is not capable of being connected to a humidistat.

Constructed with a focus on efficiency and longevity, Hi-E DRY dehumidifiers stand out in their capacity to remove up to seven pints of water per kilowatt hour. This significantly surpasses the industry average, which typically ranges between two to three pints.

The superior efficiency design of Hi-E DRY dehumidifiers not only cuts down on utility costs but also offers additional benefits. Their larger water removal capacity comes from a compact, more efficient refrigeration system, eliminating the need for 220-volt circuits in many situations. This smaller refrigeration system allows the Hi-E DRY 120 & 195 models to be more cost-effective compared to other commercial dehumidifiers with equal capacity.

The high-efficiency dehumidifier from Hi-E DRY operates by using refrigeration to cool the incoming airstream below its dew point as it moves through the dehumidification (evaporator) coil. This process removes moisture (latent heat) and reduces temperature (sensible heat). The cooled and dried air is then utilized to precool the incoming airstream, resulting in an efficiency increase of up to 200 percent. After precooling, the processed air is reheated as it passes through the condenser coil. The latent heat initially removed by the evaporator coil is reintroduced to the airstream at this stage as sensible heat, leading to an overall increase in temperature from the incoming air.


 Features & Benefits of the Hi-E Dry

  • Controlled by a dehumidistat with settings from 20 to 80 percent relative humidity and a positive “on” and “off” setting.
  • Portable and provided with four casters.
  • Contains an internal condensate pump capable of lifting condensate 17 feet and 20 ft(195)/30 ft(120) of condensate hose.
  • Wiring is through a factory installed six foot power cord; 115 volt with ground.


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