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Triminator XL Dry Trimming Machine

Triminator XL Dry Trimming Machine

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Triminator XL Dry Trimming Machine

The Fastest Dry Trimming Machine

Designed for serious growers and commercial operations, the Triminator XL Dry Trimming Machine sets the standard for speed and efficiency. With a remarkable trimming capacity of up to 60 pounds per hour, it is the fastest trimmer in its class.

Unmatched Trimming Capacity

Featuring the industry's largest dry drum with 44.5" of effective cutting length, the XL Dry Trimmer can handle high volumes effortlessly. Its precision engineering ensures optimal trim speed, preserving potency and maximizing production.

Superior Trimming Technology

The Triminator XL utilizes innovative angular shear band geometry for sharp, precise trimming every time. This results in a close, clean trim, maintaining the ideal moisture level between 9% - 10% for the best results.

Pure Trim, Lubricant-Free

Triminator's patented pure trim technology eliminates the need for lubricants, ensuring that your flowers and trim remain pure. The closed-loop system captures 100% of the trim, perfect for creating high-quality extracts without contamination.

Ideal for Commercial Use

The XL Dry Trimmer features a lock-and-load pivot system for rapid loading and unloading. Streamline your production process with the set-and-forget timer, allowing you to focus on other tasks while the machine works. This batch production model reduces labor demands and increases operational efficiency.

Benefits of Dry Trimming

Dry trimming preserves the plant’s natural color and aroma, resulting in vibrant, aromatic finished products. It allows year-round manicuring, eliminating the post-harvest rush and delivering highly marketable products every time.

Built to Last

Pressure-washable parts ensure easy cleaning and maximum uptime. Constructed with industrial-grade materials and equipped with thermal overload protection, the XL Dry Trimmer guarantees reliable operation in commercial settings. Maneuverability is enhanced by flat-free solid rubber tires and a lock-and-level feature for use on uneven surfaces.

The Triminator XL Dry Trimmer comes with a Trim Tough 2-Year Warranty, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your trimming needs.


  • Height: 54.3"
  • Width: 33.7"
  • Length: 47.8"
  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • AC Voltage: 120 V
  • Amps Required: Dedicated 20A Circuit
  • Application: Dry Trim
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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